Rental Sim Card Japan

Preparing for your trip to Japan?! What's on your checklist?

Your trip will be easy if you have "prepare a mobile wi-fi or SIM card" on your list. Although the number of free public Wi-Fi spots are increasing, they are still inconvenient for travelers as you have to register to get an ID or download an app on your device to use the service. Most of the time they limit the time of the usage, too.

Renting our SIM card and mobile wi-fi is much easier than you think!

You can place an order and do the payment online before coming to Japan. To collect the item, you can chose to either have it delivered to your hotel/residence/office or you can collect it from the airport post office upon your arrival to Japan. To return it, you just have to put the items in the prepaid return envelope we provide and drop it off in the postbox anywhere in Japan by the midnight on the return date. (Rental items must be returned.)

Why use CDJapan Rental? The advantages of using our rental service.

As our service is rental, we are able to provide you some advantages that you cannot get from prepaid, sellout SIM card providers.

  1. Get a refund when your device was not compatible with the SIM card.
  2. In case your device was not compatible with our SIM card, we offer an option to return it within 2 days to apply for a refund. None of prepaid SIM card sellers give a refund even if your device was not compatible with their SIM card.

  3. Flexible rental periods available for both short term and long term visitors.
  4. Our prices are calculated based on the rental period and not on the data amount used. This allows us to provide flexible rental period to you. Also, we offer an option to extend the rental period in case your itinerary changes.

  5. If you have any question or problem, contact us and we will help you.
  6. We will reply to your messages as soon as possible in English.

We hope to make your stay in Japan more comfortable!


Plan Your Trip With GetAroundJapan by CDJapan!

Visit GetAroundJapan, our website dedicated to foreign visitors to Japan. We offer you helpful information!

Mobile Wifi Rental

Rental Wifi

¥200 / day ~

7 days ~

Airport and Hotel Delivery

Max. download 40Mbps / Max. upload 10Mbps

Simultaneous connection: Up to 11 devices

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Sim Card Rental

¥197 / day ~

7days ¥2300 | 14 days ¥3500 | 30 days ¥5900

Airport and Hotel Delivery

LTE 110mb (1day) + 200kbps

Regular / Micro / Nano

Check compatibility

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Our items can be delivered to where you will be staying in Japan whether that is a hotel or a residence, or we can send it to the airport post office for you to collect upon arrival. Please check Pickup & Return page before you order.

Post office at the airport: Location and opening hours

Narita Airport Terminal 1 8:30 - 20:00 everyday 4F: Departure LobbyMAP
Narita Airport Terminal 2 8:30 - 20:00 everyday 3F: Departure LobbyMAP
Kansai(KIX) Airport 9:00 - 17:00 everyday Terminal 1, 2F SouthMAP
Chubu(Centrair) Airport 9:00 - 17:00 Weekdays Only 1FMAP
New Chitose (Hokkaido) Airport 9:00 - 17:00 everyday 2F: Arrival LobbyMAP
Haneda Airport(Domestic) 9:00 - 17:00 Weekdays Only Terminal1 1st floor(Domestic)MAP

*Considering the possibility of flight delays and queuing at the immigration, please make sure you allow yourself plenty of time.
*We recommend that you book a flight that arrives at least few hours before the post office closes.
*This service is currently available only at the four airports listed above.
*You will need to present your passport to collect the package at the airport post office. Please make sure you enter the name as shown on the passport as a receiver of the package. When the name is different, they will not release the package.

1. Put the item in the prepaid return envelope we provide.
2. Drop the envelop into the red postbox anywhere in Japan on the return date.

Overdue fees will not be charged as long as you post the item by 23:59 PM on the due date.
We will check the post mark on the envelope.

You can easily find the red postbox on streets and in the airports.

¥ 540

Flat rate for every single order.

No return fee. (Prepaid envelope for returning will be provided)

Only one return envelope is provided per order.