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Wi-Fi Softbank&WIMAX FREE SHIPPING only until Monday 3PM, 19th, March!(Japan Time)

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Simple, easy, and affordable.

Our service has been used by people from over 50 countries every month.

We have flexible plans for all people. Our customers are not only travelers on holiday but also people on business trip, students on exchange program both short and long, people who have just moved to Japan waiting for the internet connection to be fixed in their apartment, and etc.

Whatever the purpose of your stay in Japan is, we hope our service will help you make it easy and comfortable!

How to Use Our Service

  1. Make a booking and complete the payment from this website.
  2. Collect your package from any Japan Post Office or get it delivered to your hotel. How to Receive the Rental Items
  3. Your rental starts. Any issue? Contact us by email and we will get back to you asap.
  4. Your rental end date is coming close. We will remind you that by email.
  5. Your plan changed? No problem. Extend the rental period online. Extend Rental Period
  6. Drop the return package in any mailbox in Japan on the last day of your rental period. Your rental ends. How to Return the Rental Items

Why CDJapan Rental?

Check what our customers say about their experience with us! Customer Review


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Mobile Wi-fi Rental

Rental Wifi

For all wi-fi enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Period: 5 days to long term

Data: Unlimited

Speed: Standard speed wi-fi | High speed wi-fi

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SIM Card Rental

For UNLOCKED phones and tablets that supports the following networks: [Band 1 (2100MHz)], [Band 19 (800MHz)], and [Band 21 (1500MHz)].

Period: 5 days to long term

Data: Unlimited (High speed: 110Mb / day | 350Mb / day)

Size: Micro / Nano

Check compatibility

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Choose the best way for you from the options below.

Please read the following page carefully for the details. How to Receive the Rental Items

  1. Put the items in the prepaid return envelope we provide. You don't need to buy stamps.
  2. Drop the envelop into the red mailbox anywhere in Japan by the midnight on the last day of the rental period.

Our service is rental. All items including SIM cards need to be posted back on the last day of your rental.
We check the post mark on the envelope as well as the data usage history. Late charges will be applied if you do not post the return envelope on the return date.

Please read the following page carefully for the details. How to Return the Rental Items

¥ 540

How early should I place my order?
Please complete your order at least a week before the date you wish to start the rental. We need you to complete the order by 3 days before the start date, by 3pm (Japan time).

Do you do expedite shipping?
Yes, we do accept Last Minute Orders. The additional charge for express shipping is 430 JPY. You can check the earliest possible delivery date/pick up date on the Cart page.

How can I cancel my order?
Please inform us by email or from inquiry form. We issue 100% refund for cancellation made 5 days or more prior to the start date of your rental. We issue some refund for cancellations made later than that. Please see the following page for the rate: Refund and Cancellation

What happens if my flight delays and I couldn't collect my package at the airport?
You can either have your package forwarded to your hotel or cancel your order. Please see the following pages for the rate: Forward Package, Refund and Cancellation

Can I make changes to my order?
Yes. Please inform us the changes you would like to make (start date, item, address, etc) by email or from inquiry form as early as possible, and we will get back to you. Please note that we may not be able to accommodate your request when the stock is short etc. There will be a charge to change the delivery address and name after the package is sent out. Please see the following pages for the rate: Change Delivery Address / Recipient's Name

For more FAQ and answers to them please check the following page: FAQ