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You can adjust the rental period by buying the extension packages. For example, if you need to use the rental item for 6 days, you can purchase 5 days package and extend 1 day later.

Tips: Depending on the period you need, it could be cheaper to get a longer package. For example,if you need it for 9 days, it is cheaper to get the 10 days package rather than buying 7 days package and extending 2 days. Please check the prices and pick the best option for you.

How to Extend Rental Period

  1. Extension Packages will be available for purchase once the package is sent out until the last day of the rental period.
  2. Once it is ready, log in to your "My Page" on this website.
  3. Choose "Extend" from the menu.
  4. Select the rental item of which you wish to extend the rental period.
  5. Buy the number of days you wish to extend. You may purchase more than 1 set at a time.
    For example, to extend 2 days, please buy 1 day x 2.
  6. Complete your order and payment.
  7. Receive the updated return date by email. Done!
  8. Post the item back on the new return date. You may use the same envelope we provide in the beginning.
  9. [If you have more than 1 item in your order] We only provide 1 envelope for each return date according to the plans you purchased in the beginning. Therefore, we will not provide extra return envelopes even if the return date for some of the items in your order has changed. Please purchase and use Letter Pack Light(360JPY) from Japan Post Office or Lawson convenience store to return the items (How to Return the Rental Items).

Data SIM Card: Extension Package Prices

1 day250 JPY
5 days1,000 JPY
7 days1,197 JPY
30 days3,900 JPY
90 days9,000 JPY
180 days14,400 JPY
365 days22,000 JPY

Mobile WiFi Standard Speed: Extension Package Prices

1 day380 JPY
5 days1,700 JPY
10 days2,900 JPY
30 days6,000 JPY
60 days10,000 JPY
90 days13,500 JPY

Mobile WiFi High-Speed: Extension Package Prices

1 day480 JPY
5 days2,200 JPY
10 days3,600 JPY
30 days9,900 JPY
60 days17,100 JPY
90 days24,300 JPY

Mobile WiFi High-Speed: Extension Package Prices for Long Term Users (Over 90 days)

Once the total number of days of rental reaches 90 days, this rate will be applied.

1 day420 JPY
5 days1,800 JPY
10 days3,300 JPY
30 days7,500 JPY

Tips: Extending rental is cheaper than paying the Late Charges.

When the package is returned, we check the postmark on the return envelope as well as the data usage history.
If the rental period had not been extended correctly by the time we receive the item back, daily late charges will be applied.
Extending rental is cheaper, so we recommend you complete the payment in advance.

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