New 200GB Rental WiFi / Sale Remote/Telework, Business WiFi

High-speed wireless connection!


Maximum download speed: 187.5Mbps / maximum upload speed: 37.5Mbps (Best Effort)


To avoid network congestion, once the total amount of data used exceeds 100GB in a month, the speed is limited to 128kbps.

Softbank d Pocket Wifi Rental is the best option for heavy users and people who are looking for STRESS-FREE Japan mobile Wi-Fi as it has the widest coverage and excellent speed.
This is also a must-have for those who are planning to visit different prefectures in Japan including Hokkaido, Kyushu, Okinawa, and also suburbs like Koyasan, Shirakawago, Hakuba, and etc.

Avaiable Data:Heavy
Network: Softbank LTE(4G) or 3G
Speed (Best effort): Max. DL 187.5Mbps / Max. UL 37.5Mbps
Speed when slowed down: Max. 1 Mbps
Battery life: 9 hours

NOTE: Rental start date is not selected here but at the time of actual order. Please re-select your desired start date then

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and receive your item the NEXT DAY!

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*Softbank Rentals will come with one of two device models, identical in service. The smaller model is the same in appearance as the Docomo device