40%OFF Rental WiFi Welcome Back Sale / New Remote/Telework, Business WiFi

40%OFFSoftBank WiFi Welcome Back Campaign
Welcome Back to Japan!
We are offering a 40% off deal for rental period plans between 14-60days.
*Application Period: Jan.13, 2021 to Feb.25, 2021. 15:00 Japan Time

Unlimited high-speed wireless connection!


Maximum download speed: 187.5Mbps / maximum upload speed: 37.5Mbps (Best Effort)


To avoid network congestion, once the total amount of data used exceeds 20GB over any 3 consecutive days, the speed is limited to max. 1Mbps temporarily until 12AM. Even when the speed is limited, it is still fast enough to watch Youtube.

Softbank Unlimited Pocket Wifi Rental is the best option for heavy users and people who are looking for STRESS-FREE Japan mobile Wi-Fi as it has the widest coverage and excellent speed.
This is also a must-have for those who are planning to visit different prefectures in Japan including Hokkaido, Kyushu, Okinawa, and also suburbs like Koyasan, Shirakawago, Hakuba, and etc.

Avaiable Data:Heavy
Network: Softbank LTE(4G) or 3G
Speed (Best effort): Max. DL 187.5Mbps / Max. UL 37.5Mbps
Speed when slowed down: Max. 1 Mbps
Battery life: 9 hours

NOTE: Rental start date is not selected here but at the time of actual order. Please re-select your desired start date then

Order Express Shipping by 3pm Japan Time, Monday-Saturday,
and receive your item the NEXT DAY!

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*Softbank Rentals will come with one of two device models, identical in service. The smaller model is the same in appearance as the Docomo device