New 200GB Rental WiFi / Sale Remote/Telework, Business WiFi

The Rental "Start Date" is the date you pick up and begin use of the item. The package will be delivered by the night before the "Start date" you choose. The time of delivery cannot be predetermined.

Rental "Return Date" is the date you must post the return package in a post box in Japan. Early returns are welcome. Late charges will be applied if you don't post the return package on the designated return date. If you wish to use the item longer, please extend the rental period before the return date.

We check both the postmark and the date usage history and will contact you if receipt is taking longer than expected, but there will be no additional charges as long return package is posted by the correct date. We will notify you by email once the items are back with us.
Please pick one from the packages that are available. If none of the packages suit the period you need, you can either extend the rental after purchasing or purchase a longer package and return it early.

For example, if you need to rent for 8 days, you can buy 7 days package now and extend 1 day, or buy a 10 day package.

NOTE: Depending on the period you need, it could be cheaper to get a longer package. For example, if you need it for 9 days, it is cheaper to get the 10 day package rather than the 7 days and extend it for 2 days. Please compare before purchase. Check the extension rate on the following page: Extend Rental Period
Yes, as we provide rentals, all items must be returned. Renters will be responsible for paying the replacement charges for unreturned items.
No, there are no hidden costs! The total amount per order will be the package price(s) + the flat rate shipping charge (540 yen)
As CDJapan Rental functions differently from CDJapan Shop Website, you need to complete registration with us to make an order.
Please log in to your My Page to update your information, your contact email address.
Please check the spam folder in your mailbox. If you still do not find any email, please contact us.

Some credit card companies filter transactions for overseas online shops. The details of the error should explain why the transaction was rejected. Try once more with the same or different credit card. If you still get an error, please contact your credit card company to authorize your transaction.Common credit card errors can be seen below..

G12(42G120000)Error from credit card company. We will send you an email with a URL where you can try again. If you still get the same error, please contact the credit card company.
G30(42G300000)Credit card authorization failure. The credit card holder needs to contact the credit card company.
G83(42G830000)Wrong credit card information or wrong expiration date. Please re-enter the correct information.
Please make sure you have filled in all the required fields. Make sure there's no space when entering the credit card number. The password should be 4-8 alphanumeric characters.
You can select only one start date per order, as items as shipped together. However, you can select different rental periods for each item, which will result in separate end dates. In this case, you will receive return envelopes for each item.
We only accept credit card payment at this time, including VISA, Master Card, American Express, and JCB. We don't accept Paypal nor cash on delivery.
In order to guarantee your item is in stock, please complete your order at least a week before the date you wish to start the rental.. Deadlines must be completed at least before the start date, by 3pm (Japan Time) in order to be shipped on time. Express Shipping is available (some exclusions apply). Orders placed by 3pm will arrive the following day.

Our service allows for unlimited Internet access. However, the connection speed will be reduced to 200Kbps until 12am once you have reached your allotment of high-speed data on a given day.
No, in following Japanese law concerning issuing phone numbers, we cannot issue phone numbers. Our SIM card is for data only. You cannot make phone calls or use SMS.
Sometimes, this is possible, but we can't make any guarantees. Our SIM card itself does not restrict tethering, however, with some devices it does not work. Unfortunately, we don't have an explanation as to the function/limitation of this feature.
Please see the following page for complete setup instructions, including how to configure your APN Settings. As we are an online rental store, f you need any assistance, please email us, or call us (+81 33 665-4946). Japanese, Chinese and English support is available. Or, come to our office located near Ningyocho Station in Tokyo. We are open 10am-6pm, Monday-Saturday. Please drop us an email before coming.
Our SIM card is serviced by the Docomo Network, which has the best coverage of all networks in Japan. However, you device's ability to connect to the bands in Japan will affect coverage. If your device supports all of the following bands, you will have stable internet nationwide:
3G/LTE Band 1 (2100MHz)
3G/LTE Band 19 (800MHz)
and LTE Band 21 (1500MHz)
As for speed. this depends on your device, the location, and the overall network conditions. In congested places like summer fireworks and at Shibuya Crossing during New Year's, the speed may be slow due to congestion.
Please check our troubleshooting protocol enclosed in the package (back of the packing list) or refer to our Trouble Shooting page. If you still cannot get Internet connection, and would like a refund, please post the SIM card within 2 days from the start date and e-mail us. (Read more about Refund)
Your phone's correlating SIM size can be found through a quick online search. The measurements of the SIM cards are indicated on this page. In the case that you need an adapter and did not request one, please contact us, and we can have the adapter shipped to you. Under no circumstances should you cut the SIM Card, as this will result in replacement charge for damaged goods.
We have lists of compatible devices here. Even if your device is not listed, it will work as long as it can connect to the network that matches our SIM card. Please read the posts on our travel website GetAroudnJapan on how to check if you device is compatible with our SIM card. [For Android] [For iPhone] In addition, if you are unsure ask the retailer where you purchased the phone to make sure your phone is unlocked. If your phone is not unlocked, it will not work with our rental or any other Prepaid SIM.

If you are planning to stay in a rural or mountainous area, please contact us prior to ordering and we can advise you as to the best product. If you are not satisfied with service, please contact us to consider changing your plan or return the item to us. Please note, you must post within two days of the rental start date. See the following link for details. (Read more about Refunds)
Depending on the location, device, and the network conditions, speed will vary. In congested places, the connection might drop in speed temporarily. All our products allow for unlimited data usage. However, the speed will be very slow once your high speed allotment runs out. Please check the detail of each product before you order and see our guide for the different kinds of users.
No, please DO NOT take out the SIM card from the device.

The package will be sent to the front desk. Please collect during or after check-in.
Please make sure the recipient's name is exactly the same as the booking name at the hotel. When the hotel cannot find a booking under the name on the package, they will return it to us. For increased security, please include your booking room or reservation number. We cannot be responsible for delays caused by failure to include the correct name.
Delivering to AirBnb is possible, but there are several risks, including the possibility that the visitor before you might take your package. If you do have your item shipped to an AirBnb, the following are necessary:
  1. Receive the full address from your host, including the building name and apartment number.
  2. Receive permission from your host to have a package sent, and to use the host name as the recipient . If the name on the package does not match the registered resident, there is a high chance the delivery person will not complete the delivery.
  3. Please read this post on our travel website GetAroundJapan before ordering. How to Receive Your Mail at an AirBnb Apartment Address
The date and time of delivery cannot be fixed, but all packages will be delivered by the night before your rental period begins. When your item is sent out, you will receive a shipping confirmation email that includes the tracking number and the corresponding tracking site in English.
There is no need to be home for delivery, as all packages are made to fit inside a standard mailbox. Unless there is an unforeseen problem, your package should be inside the postbox.
If you did not receive your package on time, please check the following: Please check the tracking information. first (Tracking number will be sent in Delivery email once the package is sent out). If the final status is "Final Delivery," that means delivery has been completed. Please check the mailbox for residential delivery, and ask the hotel to check again including their mailbox for hotel delivery.

If your online status is "Retention," consider the following:
For delivery to a RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS, "Retention" means that the post office was unable to leave the package in your mailbox. There should be a delivery notice in the mailbox, so please check that and contact the post office that has your package.
For delivery to POST OFFICES (including those in the airports), "Retention" means your package has arrived at the post office and is waiting for your pick-up.
If the tracking information shows "Sent Back to Sender," it's been sent back to us due to an invalid address and other reasons, please contact us (
If you received a slip in your mailbox, please contact the delivery agent for redelivery.
You can check the "Delivery information" email sent from us to confirm if your package is delivered by Japan Post or Yamato.

・Japan Post Customer Service Center: 0570-046-111 (Toll; English)
8am - 10pm Monday to Friday
9am - 10pm Weekends and Holidays

・Yamato Transportation Customer Service Center: 0120-17-9625 (Toll Free; English)
9am - 6pm Every Day
No, we do not ship overseas. You will need to collect and return your items in Japan.
Yes, we offer Express Shipping. Orders made by 3pm Japan Time Monday-Saturday will be delivered the next day. The additional charge for express shipping is a flat rate of430 JPY. You can check the earliest possible start date/pick up date on the Cart page.
Please note, we cannot offer express shipping to Hokkaido, Kyushu (Fukuoka, Kumamoto, Nagasaki, Ōita, Saga, Kagoshima & Miyazaki Prefecture), and Okinawa.

Please show your passport and the tracking number of the package at the post office counter. You will receive the tracking number will by email once the package is sent out.
No, the post office does not release packages to anyone other than to the person who has the ID of the name on the package.
No, the post office will not release the package if the name on the passport and recipient's name on the package is different.
For delivery to post offices(including those in the airports), "Retention" means your package has arrived at the post office and is waiting for your pick-up.
Please contact us immediately ( We can change the delivery address without any charges until 5 days before your start date.

To make any changes after the package is sent out, there will be a fee (1000 yen). Please complete the payment for the transfer fee from this page. We will handle it as soon as we can.

A return envelope with postage will be enclosed in the package. Please put all items in the envelope and post it from any post box or post office in Japan by the midnight on the return date. The instruction will be enclosed in the package.
Please post the return envelope with the rental items by the midnight on the return date.
There's no problem with returning it early, however, we will not give a refund for that.
Please purchase a prepaid envelope called "Letter Pack Light" (370 yen) from the post offices or Lawson convenience stores. Please put all the required items inside and post it by the midnight on the return date.
The address of our office is as below.

Neo Wing Co. (CDJapan Rental)
Zip Code: 103-0012
Address: 1-10-15-3F Horidomecho Nihonbashi Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3665-4947
Yes. Please contact us by email ( if you forgot or couldn't post our items in Japan. When returning the items from overseas, we recommend you use a service that gives a tracking number such as EMS and DHL. (Standard mail takes longer time and we cannot be responsible even if it gets lost.)
Please prepare a new envelope and send it to our office.

Neowing Co. (CDJapan Rental)
1-10-15-3F Horidomecho Nihonbashi Chuo-ku
Tokyo 103-0012, Japan
Tel: +81-3-3665-4947

Please note that we count the days that take for shipping as part of the "rental period". Please extend your rental if necessary. *It is cheaper to extend rental than to pay the late charges.
It is renter's responsibility to post the item on the return date. Please extend your rental if you weren't able to post the package on the return date. If the item is not posted on the return date, late charges will be applied. It is cheaper to extend rental than to pay the late charges. If the item is not returned even after 5 days from the return date without any notice, the replacement charges will be charged to your credit card.
Please read this page: How to Return the Rental Items.
Yes, there are post boxes in all airports. However, there are NO POST BOXES after the security check. Please make sure you post the return envelope before going through the security check and immigration. Also, there are NO POST BOXES in some terminals, especially the small ones. Please check the information yourself in advance.

Yes. We give some refund when the SIM card was not compatible with our SIM card. (Read more about Refunds)
We issue a full refund for orders cancelled 5 days or more prior to the start date. For cancellation made later than that, we issue some refund. Please contact us by email immediately should you need to cancel your order. (Read more about Cancellation)
No. Our prices are fixed according to the period booked and not the actual amount of data used.

We only provide 1 envelope for each return date according to the plans you purchased in the beginning.

We will not provide extra return envelopes even if the return date for some of the items in your order has changed due to extension of the rental period. Please purchase and use Letter Pack Light(360JPY) from Japan Post Office or Lawson convenience store to return the items (How to Return the Rental Items).
We will send you a notification indicating the updated return date once you complete the payment.

Note: If you purchase the extension plan at night or on the weekend, you will be receiving the notification email on the next working day. The return date shown on your "My Page" will be updated at the same time as you receive the notification.
Yes. Please log in to your "My Page" and purchase extension plans by the return date.
Please read this page for the details: Extend Rental Period.

Please buy a replacement and return it with the device on the return date.
If you cut the SIM card, it is considered damaged. Please note that you will be responsible for paying the replacement charges.

Late Charges

If the rental item is not posted by the midnight on the return date, late charges will be billed on the renter's credit card..

ItemLate Charges per day
SIM Card(200MB/day)350 JPY
SIM Card(350MB/day)580 JPY
Moble Wifi High Speed & UNLIMITED DATA USAGE (Softbank&Wimax)800 JPY
Portable Charger100 JPY

Replacement Charges

If the rental item is still not returned 5 days after the return date without any notice, it is considered lost; replacement charges will be billed on the renter's credit card. This charges will be applied for breaking or losing the item as well.

ItemReplacement Charges
SIM Card(200MB/day)5,500 JPY
SIM Card(350MB/day)6,500 JPY
Moble Wifi High Speed & UNLIMITED DATA USAGE (Softbank&Wimax)24,000 JPY(With Insurance 12,000JPY)
Portable Charger2,000 JPY
Mobile Wi-Fi Damaged Screen Charges (All models of Mobile Wi-fi)12,700JPY(With Insurance 9,000JPY)

If the replacement charges are applied, the late charges will not be applied.

Should any of those charges be applied, it will be billed on your credit card. Please extend the rental if you are going to be late or contact us if you lost the rental items.

Please contact us immediately. (
Please contact us immediately( We have had many customers who got their lost phones returned after a while. The police will contact us if a phone with our SIM card is reported as a lost item. We will communicate with them on behalf of you.

We issue a full refund for orders canceled 5 days or more prior to the start date. For cancellation made later than that, we will issue some refund. Please contact us by email ( immediately should you need to cancel your order. (Read more about Cancellation)
We accept changes until 5 days before the start date. Please contact us by email ( immedietly.
Yes, we can exchange the size as long as there is a stock. Please contact us immediately (
We accept changes without any charges until 5 days before the start date. Please contact us by email ( immediately. For changes requested later than that, we will handle it with a fee as we would need to forward the package that has been sent out already. The transfer fee is 1000 yen, please complete the payment from this page.