Rental Sim Card Japan
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Once you swapped the SIM card, please follow the direction and change the APN setting to start using our SIM card.

Please select the type of your device to see how to set the APN.

Android iPhone/iPad

Please turn OFF your Wi-Fi, bluetooth, data roaming before you proceed.

From Settings, Please select Mobile Networks.
Select "Data enabled" check box.
Select "Access Point Names" and select "New APN"
Input APN Values according to instructions.
Save APN
Select the new APN you created.

3G/H+/LTE icon and Signal Bar will be displayed.

If the network needs to be selected manually, please choose "NTT DOCOMO".

1Mobile Networks 2Service Providers 3Select NTT DOCOMO

If you don't see any signal bar or "3G, "LTE", or "H" on the status bar, please check the network mode.

The phone cannnot receive the signal in Japan when [GSM Only] mode is selected.
Please change it to either [GSM/3G/LTE(Auto)] or [LTE/WCDMA].
(Settings >More.. >Mobile Networks >Network Mode)

Most apple devices need the new APN file to be downloaded using Safari browser when using a new SIM in Japan. You may use free wi-fi at the airport or hotel to download the file after arriving in Japan. If you want to download the file before arriving in Japan, we recommend you do so right before you leave your country. Once you install our APN, your device will not be connected to your homeland network/SIM card.

*If your model is ipad or relatively older iphone models, you can set the APN manually; please follow the instruction posted at the bottom of this page.

Important: Once you have finished using our SIM card, please delete our APN profile.
Your SIM card from other countries will not work properly without deleting our APN profile.
Go to Settings > General > Profiles, and select our APN and delete it. For further details, please check the official website of Apple.

Please turn OFF your bluetooth and data roaming before you proceed the steps below.

Download the APN profile by clicking the button below from your iPhone. Please use Safari browser. It may not work with other browsers.
Tap "Install" on the "Install Profile" screen.
*It may not look exactly like this on your device. "Not Signed" or "Not Verified" is ok.
Tap "Done" on the upper right corner of the screen to complete the installation.

4G / LTE
Tap "Settings" and select "Cellular"
"Cellular Data": On, "Enable LTE" or "Enable 3G": On. Setting is completed.

Downloading the APN PROFILE from your computer

  1. Download the APN profile to your computer.
  2. Forward the APN profile to your iPhone by attaching it to an email and etc.
iPhone Troubleshooting


  1. Settings > General > Network
  2. Enable 3G = ON, Cellular Data = ON, Data Roaming = OFF
  3. Cellular Data Network > Enter the APN info we provide with the SIM card


  1. Settings > Cellular Data > APN Settings
  2. Enter the APN info we provide with the SIM card
Tap "Settings" and select "Cellular"
Cellular Data: On, Enable 3G/4G: On, Data Roaming: Off, Select "Cellular Data Network" after confirming the above settings
Enter the following settings: APN, Username and Password
iPhone Troubleshooting