Get your package delivered to your hotel and receive the package upon check-in at the front desk.


The package will be dropped in the mailbox.
*Valid full address required.

Post Office in Airport

Pick up your package from any Japan Post Office including the ones in the airports.

  • The recipient's name must be exactly the same as the BOOKING NAME at the hotel.
    When the hotel cannot find a booking under the name on the package, they will reject it and it will be returned to us/discard it. We will not be responsible for any delivery delay or trouble caused by this.
  • Please let the hotel know you are expecting a package.
    The package will be sent to the front desk. Please collect it when you check in to the hotel.

Many customers have trouble receiving a package at airbnb. We recommend you have the package delivered to a post office near your airbnb instead.
Regarding Delivery After Moving and to Room Rentals/AirBnb (Minpaku)

  • Enter correct and complete postal code and address.
    When the address is not complete, the package will be returned to us.
    When the postal code is not correct, delivery will take more time than usual.
    We will not be responsible for the delivery delay caused by incorrect or incomplete address.
    *Please include the room number if the delivery is to an apartment. Without the room number, the address is not complete.
  • Address your package to or in care of (C/O) the residents' or the host's NAME(preferably the full name, at least the last name, and NOT a nickname.)
    Japan Post mailmen will not leave the package in the mailbox when the name is not the one registered under the address. (The orderer's name will be indicated on the package with the order number. This will help the recipient know who actually ordered the package.)
  • Inform the resident/host in advance about your package.
  • The package will be posted in the mailbox.
    The package will be posted in the mailbox unless the mailbox is too small or full.
    If you didn't receive the package by the start date, please look for a delivery notice in the mailbox and arrange re-delivery by yourself. The post office will leave a notice when they bring back the package for some reason. The English contact number will be written on the notice slip.
  • Contact Delivery Agent for Redelivery
    Please check the "Delivery information" email sent from us to confirm if your package is delivered by Japan Post or Yamato.
    ・Japan Post Customer Service Center: 0570-046-111 (Toll; English)
    8am - 10pm Monday to Friday
    9am - 10pm Weekends and Holidays
    ・Yamato Transportation Customer Service Center: 0120-17-9625 (Toll Free; English)
    9am - 6pm Every Day

Please check the post on GetAroundJapan to avoid troubles: How to Receive Your Mail at an Airbnb Apartment Address

If you're going to send a package to Airbnb and other vacation rentals, or if you're moving into a new house, please make sure the house/apartment room has been registered with the post office. Unregistered address cannot receive any mail via Japan Post Office.

Please check with your school's administration office regarding the delivery address. We advise that you inform the staff in advance that you are expecting a package, especially if you are not yet in Japan when ordering.

Sometimes the package gets lost in dormitories when you do not indicate your room number. We will not be responsible for how the package will be handled in your school or dormitory. Please make sure you enter the correct address that will reach you.

We don't accept delivery to the residences inside the U.S. military bases in Japan to avoid delivery delays and other troubles, however, the package can be sent to a Japan Post Office near the base where you can go and pick up. Please enter the address and the name of the post office as the delivery address when you order. To collect the package from the post office, you will have to present your ID such as a passport. If you are not sure which post office is close to your base, please contact us by email.

We have used these post offices near the bases.

Yokosuka Post Office
Postal code: 238-0004
Address: 8, Ogawacho, Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa (Google Map)
Opening hour: Weekday: 8:00-21:00, Saturday: 8:00-21:00, Sunday & Holiday: 8:00-21:00

Kadena Post Office
Postal code: 904-0299
Address: 312, Kadena Kadenacho, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa (Google Map)
Opening hour: Weekday 9:00-17:00

Okinawa Post Office
Postal code: 904-8799
Address: 4-2-16 ,Goya, Okinawa City, Okinawa (Google Map)
Opening hour: Weekday 8:00-20:00, Saturday: 8:30-15:00, Sunday & Holiday: 8:30-15:00

Misawa Post Office
Postal code: 033-8799
Address: 3-2-15 Saiwaicho Misawa-shi, Aomori (Google Map)
Opening hour: Weekday: 8:00-20:00, Saturday: 8:00-17:00, Sunday: 9:00-12:30

  • Please enter your PASSPORT NAME as the recipient of the package. When the name is different, they will not release the package.
  • You need to show your passport to collect your package from a post office.
  • Once the package is sent out, you will receive a "Delivery Information" email with its tracking number. Please inform the tracking number and show your passport at the airport post office for collection. You can also check the tracking number of your package from your My Page.
  • We recommend you choose airport post office as the pick up point only if you have plenty of time before the post offices close, in case the flight delays and etc.
  • If you need to forward the package for any reason (flight delay and etc.), please contact us by email immediately. Please read about Address Change and Forward Package on this page.
  • Post offices will keep your package for 3-5 days. Even if you couldn't collect it on the date you picked, you can still collect it the next day.

Go check our post on our travel website GetAroundJapan: How to Receive Your Mail at a Post Office in Japan.

*If you are going to be collecting your package at a SMALL POST OFFICE, the staff might not understand any English. You can show the image of the Japanese phrase together with your passport. Click to see the image of "I came to collect my mail sent to this post office." in Japanese.

Airport Post Offices

All rental wifi and rental data sim card can be picked up at any airport post office listed below.

Narita Airport Terminal 1 8:30 - 20:00 Everyday 4F: Departure LobbyMAP
Narita Airport Terminal 2 8:30 - 20:00 Everyday 3F: Departure LobbyMAP
Narita Airport Terminal 3 N/A N/A Please use the post office in Terminal 2.MAP
Chubu(Centrair) Airport 9:00 - 17:00 Weekdays Only 1FMAP
New Chitose (Hokkaido) Airport 9:00 - 17:00 Everyday 2F: Arrival LobbyMAP
Haneda Airport(Domestic) 9:00 - 17:00 Weekdays Only Terminal 1, 1F (Domestic)MAP

Kansai Initernational Airport: Counter

There is no post office within Kansai International Airport. You can choose to have your mail delivered to Sakura Mobile's counter.

Kansai Initernational Airport
Sakura Mobile Counter (NOT POST OFFICE)
07:00 - 21:00 Everyday Terminal 1, 1FMAP

Narita Airport Terminal 3

There is no post office in Narita Airport Terminal 3. If you're flying into terminal 3 and wish to collect the package at the airport, you may choose the post office in terminal 2 as the pickup point. There are free shuttle buses to Terminal 2. It is about 5 min by bus from T3 to T2. Please check Narita Airport Official Website for details.

Haneda Airport

Currently, there is a post office only in the domestic terminal. There are free shuttle buses from the international terminal to the domestic terminal. Please check their official website for more information.
Haneda Airport Official Website

Kansai International Airport: Counter

While there is no post office within Kansai International Airport, you can receive your mail at Sakura Mobile's counter.
Receiving Procedure (Similar to a Post Office)
1. Provide the tracking number or order number.
2. Present your passport for identity verification.

You can also opt to receive your mail at other post offices in Osaka. For information on post offices along train lines and near major stations, please refer to Poste Restante in Osaka: Alternate Pickup Locations after KIX Post Office Closure

Other Post Offices

You may receive your package at a specified post office in Japan by entering the address of the post office and its name as the delivery address. Recommended option for those staying at Airbnb and other residences where you are not 100% sure of the address, and those arriving late at the airport after the post offices are closed.

We have a list of post offices that are open 24/7 on our travel website GetAroundJapan.
Go check the post: A List of 24hr Post Offices in Japan

Change Delivery Address / Recipient's Name

Please inform us by email or via inquiry form the changes you would like to make and we will update the information. We accept changing of delivery address and recipient's name without charges until 5 days before the start date.

Once the package is sent out, the charge will be 1000 yen("Transfer Fee") to change those information. Once the payment for Transfer Fee is completed, we will update the information of your order with the delivery agent.

Please complete the payment from the link below and enter the order number and the new address in the message box on the order page.
Transfer Fee


We accept changing of delivery address without any charges until 5 days before the start date. For the requests made later than that, we will handle it with a fee of 1000 yen.

Also, if you could not collect your package at the airport due to flight delay etc., we can forward your package to your hotel with a fee of 1000 yen.

Please complete the payment from the link below and enter the order number and the new address in the message box on the order page.
Transfer Fee

Rental terms

Start Date
The item will be delivered to your designated pick-up place by the night before the start date. You can start using the item once it is with you.

Return Date
Please make sure you drop off the return envelope with all items into a postbox no later than the midnight on your return date. If you can't, please extend your rental.
When we receive the return envelope, we may check the post mark as well as the data usage history.