Regarding Delivery After Moving and to Room Rentals/AirBnb (Minpaku)

For Users with Private Rented Rooms
There is a chance your delivery will be rejected.
In order to avoid delays and refused delivery, please check the following:

Online listings such as AirBnb often do not include the complete address for residences.
Several listings have also not completed residence registration with the post office.
Please check the following with your renting party:

  1. Residence Registration
    Have all procedures been completed at the post office?
  2. Accurate Address
    Full addresses contain the building name, room number and resident name.
  3. Mailbox
    Are renters allowed to use the mailbox, or has it been sealed?

All CDJapan items are delivered to apartment/building mail boxes.
In the case your host cannot verify the above, contact us to have your item delivered to the nearest post office.

Japan Post Residence Registration

Start life in Japan by registering at the ward office.
After that, follow up by completing residence registration at your local post office to receive mail.
This is necessary for online shopping in addition to the postal service.

Unregistered Addresses

When delivery is refused, you will receive a post card with directions for registration.
Completing registration might take several days.