Cloud Wi-Fi 200GB/Month

Data Allotment 200GB/Month
Network Access strongest of 3 carriers depending on area coverage
Contract Period From 5 days
Extension Extend Anytime After Your Rental Begins

*When data usage exceeds 200GB in a month, transmission speeds will be limited.
Minimum Speed: 256Kbps

You can use the entire month's data allowance even if your rental is short. Communication speed will slow down till the end of the month once you exceed your limit.
Coverage Area
Size W127 x H65.7 x W14.2 mm
Weight 151 g
Devices Supported Up to 5
Data Transfer Rates Download Max Speed: 150Mbps/Upload Max Speed: 50Mbps
Battery Life Max 12 Hours

Special Price for Long Term Rental

1 Month
Monthly Rate¥8700 → ¥7960
Contract Period1 Month
Extension Fees
Per 30 Days
3 Months
Monthly Rate¥8700 → ¥7460
Contract Period3 Months
Extension Fees
Per 30 Days
6 Months
Monthly Rate¥8700 → ¥6690
Contract Period6 Months
Extension Fees
Per 30 Days

The prices above are on a 30-day basis. Payment is required once every 30 days.
Cannot be used in conjunction with daily plans below.

When using more than 200GB in a month, data speed may be dropped to 256kbps but unlimited data may be used.
For all plans, after surpassing 3 months (90 days), extension rates will be discounted to ¥6690 per month.
Cancellations made before the end of the contract period will result in a cancellation fee of ¥7900.
All rental items must be returned.

200GB Rental Price

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Late Fees Lost/Replacement Fees
¥800(Per Day) ¥24000(Per Device)

When an item is not returned 5 days past the rental end date, Lost/Replacement fees will be charged. In this case, Late Fees will not be applied. Both Lost/Replacement Fees and Late Fees will be charged to the credit card used at purchase.

Pocket WiFi Might Be Right For You If...

You Have No Home WiFi, Planning to Relocate

Those who do not have home WiFi and don’t want to commit to a long term contract can enjoy the convenience of our affordable and flexible plans for the term of remote work. Enjoy our special short term plans, or save by ordering a long term rental from the start.
Some who are living in shared housing are now finding it necessary to relocate. While you move residences, don’t miss a beat in staying connected. Receive your item as soon as the next day with our Express shipping service, and have the item delivered to your current or new residence.

You Need More Data than your Cell or Home WiFi Provides

Working remote requires a stable Internet connection, with high enough speeds to support video chats and uploading /downloading of large files. If you are sharing your home WiFi with another person doing telework, you might find the load on your single connection is too much for your work needs. Order one of our rentals to supplement your connection.

You Prefer a No-Set Up Home Delivery

For those doing their best to stay in and avoid contact, rest easy knowing that CDJapan Rental employs delivery services that allow your rental to be deposited directly in your mailbox, with no need to sign for the package.