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Experience ultra-fast 5G/4G speeds with our rental service, available throughout Japan for your convenience.


For the ultimate in convenience, we offer shipping directly to your hotel or airport pickup options for tourists and customers living in Japan.

Unlimited data

Enjoy unlimited high-speed data with no speed restrictions on our Wi-Fi service.

Reasons why we recommend this WiFi
In Japan, 5G coverage is still limited, but WiMAX has a frequency band that can improve data transmission speed and has expanded the coverage area. It is one of the few mobile Wi-Fis in Japan that can be used without data restrictions, like a fiber optic line.

Pocket Wifi Rental WiMAX+5G

Unlimited Data & 5G Wi-Fi for Long Term

  • Recommended for those staying for 90 days or more
  • High-speed communication possible with 5G
  • Unlimited data communication capacity.


Latest 5G-enabled Wi-Fi

Stay connected with our latest WiMAX+5G compatible Wi-Fi router, offering high-speed communication for streaming movies, playing games, social media, and more - at home or on the go.

High-capacity battery

Our rental router is equipped with a high-capacity 4,000mAh battery to keep you connected all day long.

Product NameSpeed Wi-Fi 5G X11
ManufacturerNEC Platforms, Ltd.
  • 5G (Sub6/NR)
  • 4G LTE
  • WiMAX2+
Data Transfer Rates Max Downlink Speed:2.7 Gbps
Max Upload Speed:183 Mbps
Due to the best effort method, the communication speed may decrease or become unavailable depending on network congestion and communication environment. Additionally, the communication speed may vary depending on the usage area.
Coverage Area Within Japan only. Cannot be used overseas.
Currently, the 5G network is not available in all areas of Japan, which means that your device may experience connectivity issues in certain locations.
To ensure that your device can connect to 5G, please verify if your area is covered by the network.
Keep in mind that areas such as the interiors of buildings and forests are particularly prone to unstable connection issues.
Size 136 mm (W) x 68 mm (H) x 14.8 mm (D)
Weight 174 g
Battery life Approximately 490 minutes
*May vary depending on usage environment and radio wave conditions.
Included Items AC Adapter/USB Type-C (for charging only)
Wi-Fi Standards IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax (2.4GHz/5GHz)
Connectability Up to 16 devices