Rental Sim Card Japan
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Operating companyCDJapan (Neowing Corporation)
President and Representative DirectorFUMIO KATAGIRI
Location1-10-15-3F Nihonbashi HoridomeChuo, Tokyo 103-0012, Japan
Phone number03-3665-4970
Business hours(Receiving orders) We accept orders 24 hours a day, weekdays, weekends, and holidays
Timing and method of paymentCredit card (It will be charged upon completion of your order.)
Order expiration dateNone in particular.
If we are out of stock, we will notify the customer by email.
Product shipping dateFor lease or credit, we install or ship after a review by the leasing or credit company is passed.
Defective products and returnsIf there are discrepancies with your order or defects in the product, we will handle it by refunding your payment, conducting a return or exchange of the product, or switching to an equivalent model. We will bear the shipping fees in such cases. Further, we will consult with the customer regarding the best metdod of returning or exchanging the product and conducting the transaction. For other breakdowns, defects, and the like, we will respond in accordance with our rules or the manufacturer’s rules on compensation.