2024 Guide to Internet in Japan: Top eSIM and SIM Card Picks

Planning a trip to Japan and worried about staying connected and accessing the internet anywhere, anytime? How should you handle internet access in Japan? Should you choose a portable WiFi device, or go with the increasingly popular eSIM and Japan SIM cards? How do you select the right internet solution for your needs? This article will help you find the best internet solution. Whether it's your first time planning a trip abroad or you're a seasoned traveler, you'll find options here to meet your needs.

Why are more people choosing eSIM and Japan SIM cards when traveling to Japan?

With technological advancements, more travelers are ditching traditional portable WiFi devices in favor of more convenient and efficient eSIMs and SIM cards.
Here are the main reasons for choosing eSIMs and SIM cards:


With an eSIM, simply purchase it online before departure and download it to your phone upon arrival in Japan; a SIM card can be purchased in advance and inserted into your phone upon arrival to access the internet.
When using an eSIM, you can even keep your home country's SIM card, making it easy to receive calls or reply to messages without losing any contacts.

Stability and Speed

eSIMs and SIM cards typically provide single-user access to local network services, ensuring stable signal and fast internet speed, unaffected by multiple users.

Transparent Costs

Compared to the rental fees of portable WiFi devices, the prices of eSIMs and SIM cards are more transparent, with no deposits or hidden fees.
Generally, Japan's eSIMs and SIM cards are sold, not rented, which means no returns are necessary and there are no worries about equipment loss or damage fees.

No Extra Equipment Needed

Using an eSIM or a Japan SIM card means you don't need to carry and charge a portable WiFi device; you can just use your phone to access the internet.
This lightens your luggage and reduces the burden during your trip.

CDJapan Rental's High Data eSIM Plans

Among the many companies offering eSIM services, CDJapan Rental is widely recommended for its cost-effective plans.
CDJapan Rental's eSIM packages are designed flexibly to suit travelers' various needs.

Plan Suitable For Price Purchase
30GB/8 daysSuitable for short-term use, 30GB of data is enough for all daily travel needs.Price: 3200 JPYCDJapan Rental's Japan eSIM
50GB/16 daysIdeal for around two weeks of travel, ensuring enough data for daily use and emergencies.Price: 3900 JPY
50GB/31 daysSuitable for longer trips and travelers with higher data needs.Price: 4900 JPY

CDJapan Rental's Unlimited Data Japan SIM Card Plans

If your phone does not support eSIM (click here to check phones that support eSIM: Phones confirmed to support eSIM), then CDJapan Rental's Japan SIM cards are also highly recommended.

Plan Suitable For Price Purchase
50GB/16 daysIdeal for around two weeks of travel, ensuring enough data for daily use and emergencies.Price: 3900 JPYPurchase Japan SIM card
(Large capacity/Unlimited data)
50GB/31 daysSuitable for longer trips and travelers with higher data needs.Price: 4900 JPY
Unlimited data SIM/17 daysSuitable for short-term high-intensity use, such as frequent video calls and HD video streaming.Price: 5000 JPY
Unlimited data SIM/32 daysIf you are staying in Japan for a longer time or have high data needs (such as frequent uploading of large files or long hours of online work), this plan is perfect for you.Price: 6000 JPY

Why Choose CDJapan Rental?

High Data Plans

Generally, during a free trip to Japan, each person uses about 0.8GB of data per day, including navigation, social media sharing, travel information searches, and some work tasks.
If you're on a 10-day free trip to Japan, around 8-10GB is usually enough.

CDJapan Rental's 30GB and 50GB high data plans can meet the needs of different travelers, avoiding the hassle of frequent data top-ups.
CDJapan Rental's Japan eSIM

High Cost-Performance Ratio

With plans starting from 3900 JPY, you get at least 30GB of data, offering great value for money, no hidden costs, and high transparency.


You can order before your trip, and installing the eSIM involves simply opening your phone's settings, scanning the QR code, and following the instructions to install and activate it, a process that takes only a few minutes and is very simple.
Physical SIM cards will be delivered in advance to the airport post office or your hotel and guesthouse, ensuring no gap in your internet access.

How to Purchase and Use eSIM?

Here are the simple steps to purchase and use an eSIM:

Choose the Right Plan

Based on your travel plans and internet needs, choose the right eSIM plan.
For example, if you're staying in Japan for about 10 days and use around 1.5GB of data daily, the 50GB/16-day plan would be very suitable.

Purchase Online

Visit the CDJapan Rental website, select the eSIM plan you need, and pay online.
After payment, you can view the eSIM QR code on MyPage.

Download and Activate eSIM

Open your phone's settings, find the eSIM option, scan the QR code, and follow the instructions to download and activate the eSIM.
The whole process is very simple and takes only a few minutes.


Whether it's a short-term trip or a long-term stay, Japan's eSIM and SIM card plans can provide you with stable and high-speed internet service.
CDJapan Rental's high data eSIM plans are the top choice for their high cost-performance ratio and convenience. Whether it's your first time traveling to Japan or you frequently travel abroad, you can easily meet your internet needs.

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