Stay Connected in Hokkaido: Pocket WiFi Tips and Tricks

Hokkaido offers a beautiful natural environment, rich culinary culture, historical landmarks, and the enjoyment of each season. In winter, there are stunning ski resorts for skiing and snowboarding. Don't miss the summer landscapes adorned with lavender and other beautiful flowers. Hokkaido's food culture, featuring fresh seafood dishes and local ramen, is also a charming aspect.
For those visiting enchanting Hokkaido, internet accessibility is crucial for information gathering, communication, and navigation. Mobile WiFi devices like Pocket WiFi are incredibly convenient tools for travelers. This page introduces Pocket WiFi, a handy device for visitors to Hokkaido.

Internet Connectivity in Hokkaido

Hokkaido, with its many mountainous areas, doesn't guarantee seamless communication everywhere. While urban areas like Sapporo provide reliable communication across networks, visiting places like Niseko or other famous tourist spots may require selecting networks that offer coverage beyond urban areas.

Recommended Communication Networks in Hokkaido

For travelers exploring various places in Hokkaido, SIM cards or Pocket WiFi utilizing networks like Docomo, Softbank, or au are recommended. While SIM cards need to be compatible with Japan's frequency bands, Pocket WiFi fully supports them, making it an excellent choice for Hokkaido visitors.

Pocket WiFi in Hokkaido

Receiving Pocket WiFi in Hokkaido

When renting Pocket WiFi for use in Hokkaido, pay attention to pickup locations and methods. The main options include pickup at Hokkaido hotels, airports, or post offices. Since there aren't many shops renting Pocket WiFi or selling SIM cards in Hokkaido, it's advisable to reserve Pocket WiFi before arriving in Japan.

Usage Network for Pocket WiFi in Hokkaido

While any network works fine in Sapporo and urban areas, visitors to other places are recommended to use Pocket WiFi utilizing 4G/LTE networks from Docomo, Softbank, or au. Since 5G connectivity is limited to certain areas in Japan, seeking 5G plans might not be meaningful if you can't connect.

Data Capacity for Pocket WiFi in Hokkaido

When choosing a rental WiFi, data capacity is crucial. Exhausting data capacity can slow down speeds. It's suggested to have around 800MB per person per day, considering the days of stay and the number of devices used.

Suppose each device uses 1GB per day. Here's an estimation:
Days 1 device 2 devices
5 5GB 10GB
6 6GB 12GB
7 7GB 14GB
8 8GB 16GB
9 9GB 18GB
10 10GB 20GB
15 15GB 30GB
20 20GB 40GB
30 30GB 60GB

With approximately 100GB per month, it should suffice for 2 to 3 smartphones.

Hokkaido is a captivating place offering grand nature, delicious meals, rich culture, and the joy of every season, making it a gem of Japan. Whether it's the summer landscapes adorned with beautiful flowers, winter ski resorts covered in snow, or the tantalizing food culture featuring fresh seafood and local ramen, Hokkaido promises unforgettable experiences. Internet connectivity during your stay in Hokkaido serves various purposes like information gathering, communication, and navigation, making devices like Pocket WiFi extremely useful for travelers. A trip to Hokkaido provides experiences filled with new discoveries and adventures. Its beauty and diversity captivate all who visit, creating deeply etched memories.

Recommed Softbank Pocket Wi-Fi Plans for Hokkaido Travel

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