Longterm Pocket Wifi & SIM card Rental Service

There are plenty of options out there for longterm SIM and

Wifi Rentals in Japan. So how do you choose the right one?

Here's what to know before you make your order and CD Japan's basic recommendations.
CDJapan Rental rewards customers for long term use with lower unit prices for longer rentals. We also offer comprehensive post-sale service and invite our customers to contact us with inquiries, and we will do the best to find a solution.
Our customers come to Japan for a variety of reasons.

International Students and Interns

International Students and Interns

Interns and Business Professionals

Interns and Business Professionals

Working Holiday and Resort Visitors

Working Holiday and Resort Visitors

Minimum 2 year contracts
Require registered Japanese bank account and address
Expensive (5,000-9,000Yen average per month)
Cancellation fees for early termination
Must be completed in-store

Create a booking in advance with CDJapan Rental, and pick up immediately at tthe airport or have the item sent to your accommodation. No registration or initialization necessary.

Post-Sale Attentive Service

After purchase, you can rest easy knowing with the staff at the ready.
Common inquiries:

*If your mobile phone is lost and returned to the police or found at a train station, the police then can use the information registered on the SIM card to contact us, and we can then ensure your phone is returned to you.

Pocket Wi-fi Rental

Pocket Wifi Rental

From 150 JPY/day

For all wi-fi enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.
Period: 5 days to long term
Data: Unlimited
Speed: Standard speed wi-fi | High speed wi-fi

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Data SIM Card Rental

Data SIM Card Rental

From 60 JPY/day

For UNLOCKED phones and tablets
Period: 5 days to long term
Data: Unlimited (High speed: 200Mb / day | 350Mb / day)
Size: Micro / Nano

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SIM Cards and WiFi each have their respective advantages and demerits.

No need to charge a SIM, this is a plus! However, while WIFI has univerisal comptaibility, you'll need to check your SIM.

View compatibility.

If you are a heavy data user, consider WiFi. Uploading and downloading files and photos and watching videos will consume high-speed traffic.
We have two WiFi plans to support heavy users: Softbank and WiMax.
WiMaxB is best for use in larger cities where coverage is strongest, whereas in rural areas customers might face weak or no signal at times. Sofbank currently has the widest coverage of any network in, and users can bring it anywhere in the country without worry. If you are concerned about the coverage, contact us for details.

Let's look at a few examples of how to go about your purchase.
Say you want to order a 110MB SIM Card for 10 months (300 days)

Option A:
180 Day Base Package + 120 Day Extension

180 Package+14,400+
90 Day Extension+9,000+
30 Day Extension =3,900=
Final Price=27,300Yen

Option B:
365 Day Package, Early Return

Final Price=22,000Yen

In this case, the price of a longer rental is actually less.
Please take a moment to calculate before your purchase, as we want you to get the best value.

As mentioned in the post above, you are welcome to begin by purchasing a shorter package and then extending through My Page. Try using the product for 5 days-1 week to see how the device works for your everyday usage, and then extend for 180 days, etc., based on your needs. NOTE: At time of purchase, please let us know you are considering a long term rental, we will make sure to send you a device most suited for long-term use.
For those who do not require a trial, see our long term rates.

One Year WiFi Price Chart

High Speed Softbank120,060 Yen
High speed Wimax191,800 Yen
Standard Docomo 350MB171,600 Yen
Standard Docomo 110MB154,000 Yen

How to Purchase an Extension

See the following link to our page on Purchasing Extensions.
After purchasing an extension, there’s no need to exchange goods, just continue using your device as you were!

Receiving Your Item

See our link on Receiving Items.

When having an item shipped to your home address, there’s no need for you to be present. Have your package left in your post box for you to retrieve at your convenience.


Please see our page on Returns.
We’ll include the return envelope, simply drop it into any post office box by the end of your final rental day.
Still have questions? Feel free to contact us through our inquiry page below