Benefits of Reserving Pocket Wi-Fi Pickup at Hotels When Traveling in Japan

For travelers visiting Japan, smooth internet connectivity is essential. Renting a Pocket Wi-Fi is extremely popular as one of the means to stay connected to the internet. Speaking of receiving methods for Pocket Wi-Fi, while many often opt to pick it up at the airport upon arrival, do you know that receiving it at your hotel is actually more convenient?

A significant number of people reserve Pocket Wi-Fi online and choose to pick it up at their hotel during check-in, rather than at the airport. One reason for this is that many travelers arrive at local airports via domestic flights from international airports like Narita Airport, where there might not be facilities to receive Pocket Wi-Fi. Hence, many opt for hotel delivery.

Benefits to receiving Pocket Wi-Fi at the hotel

There are several benefits to receiving Pocket Wi-Fi at the hotel.

No Waiting Time

When picking up Pocket Wi-Fi at the airport, you need to complete procedures upon arrival, which can take time. Conversely, picking it up at the hotel during check-in means there's no waiting time.

No Risk of Not Being Able to Receive

There's a risk of not being able to pick up Pocket Wi-Fi at the airport, especially if your flight arrives late at night and airport shops are closed. However, with hotel pickup, you receive it during check-in, eliminating the risk of not being able to receive it.

If you want to ensure internet connectivity from the airport to your hotel, perhaps consider using eSIM. You can purchase and activate it anytime, anywhere.
eSIM for Japan

Receiving Pocket Wi-Fi at the hotel is more convenient than at the airport. When planning your trip to Japan, be sure to consider this convenient option.

In order to receive Pocket Wi-Fi at the hotel, there is one thing to keep in mind when applying for Pocket Wi-Fi.
The recipient's name must be exactly the same as the BOOKING NAME at the hotel. When the hotel cannot find a booking under the name on the package, they will reject it and it will be returned to us/discard it. Please let the hotel know you are expecting a package. The package will be sent to the front desk. Please collect it when you check in to the hotel.

If you don't know how to write a Japanese address, or if you made a mistake in writing your hotel address, that's okay. If the hotel's phone number or the URL of the hotel's website is included in the application, CDJapan Rental will correct the address to the correct one.
Pocket Wi-Fi Japan

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