Softbank WiFi

Product Key :WIF-SS-30

Rental Price : 7,500YEN
≈ 47.65 USD(Tax included)

Softbank Rentals will come with one of two device models, identical in service. The smaller model is the same in appearance as the Docomo device

Popular Fast Unlimited


Maximum download speed: 150Mbps / maximum upload speed: 40Mbps. (Best Effort)


To avoid network congestion, once the total amount of data used exceeds 20GB over any 3 consecutive days, the speed is limited to max. 1Mbps temporarily until 12AM. Even when the speed is limited, it is still fast enough to watch Youtube.

All wi-fi enabled devices
Smartphones,Tablets,Laptops,Playstation Vita, Nitendo DS, iPod Touch and etc.

Includes: AC Adapter/USB Cable

AC Adaptor

USB Cable
The advertised battery life specifications are estimated times only and will vary depending on usage. To make the battery last longer

690 JPY