Cloud Wi-Fi 200GB Monthly Plan

Product Key :WIF-GL-30

Rental Price : 7,960YEN
≈ 50.57 USD(Tax included)

Softbank Rentals will come with one of two device models, identical in service. The smaller model is the same in appearance as the Docomo device

Popular Fast 100GB/month


Maximum download speed: 150Mbps / maximum upload speed: 40Mbps. (Best Effort)


To avoid network congestion, once the total amount of data used exceeds 100GB over in a month, the speed is limited to max. 128kbps.

All wi-fi enabled devices
Smartphones,Tablets,Laptops,Playstation Vita, Nitendo DS, iPod Touch and etc.

Includes: AC Adapter/USB Cable

AC Adaptor

USB Cable
The advertised battery life specifications are estimated times only and will vary depending on usage. To make the battery last longer

690 JPY