New Unlimited Prepaid SIM / New Busines trip wifi

Work Mobile Across Japan!

Unlimited Data
Pick-up and Return Across the Country

When traveling in Japan for a business trip or conference, having reliable WiFi is a must for communicating with colleagues and staying on top of work tasks. Understanding the necessity of portable WiFi in lieu of having a permanent workspace, CDJapan Rental has created business trip plans tailored to the working professional. Have a pocket WiFi delivered to your home before departure, and return items from anywhere across the country.
Hit all the marks in your workflow as though you never stepped foot outside the office.

Pocket WiFi for Business Trips

Our most reliable high speed Pocket WiFi, the Softbank High-Speed model.
Perfect for video meetings and large file download/upload.

3 days¥2700
5 days¥4450

Lost/Damage Insurance 1000 JPY

Add our insurance plan to reduce costs in the case of damaged and lost items.
Insurance is charged per device and covers the entire rental period (including extensions)

Terms of Insurance

Damaged/Cracked ScreenLost Items
With Insurance¥9,000¥12,000
Full Price¥12,700¥24,000



Maximum download speed: 150Mbps / maximum upload speed: 40Mbps. (Best Effort)


To avoid network congestion, if data usage exceeds 20GB over any 3 consecutive days, the speed is limited to 1Mbps temporarily until 12AM.

Includes: AC Adapter/USB Cable

AC Adaptor

USB Cable

Business Trip Plan FAQ

What If I Want to Return or Cancel My Plan?

For more information, see our Cancellation and Refund Policy page.

Can I use my item on multiple devices/share with others?

Yes, the device can support multiple people and devices.
While the manufacturer set maximum is 10, we recommend only using the item on 5 devices at most at a given time.

Can I extend the period of my Rental?

Yes. Extensions Can be made by logging in directly to My Page. For those with further questions Contact Us