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Mobile WiFi (Pocket Wifi) Rental in Japan

Unlimited data usage!Use as much as you want without worrying about extra fees.
Affordable price! E.g. 5 day-plan for 2750 yen, 30 day-plan for only 6000 yen.
Easy to use!Of course, the device is already charged when you receive it. You can get online within few minutes once the package is with you.
Secure network!Each device will come with its network ID and unique password. It is secure compared to free wi-fi.
Easy pickup and return!The mobile Wi-Fi router will be delivered to your hotel, residence, office, or to the airport post office for your collection. To return it, put the item in the prepaid envelope we provide and drop it into a postbox anywhere in Japan.

A mobile wi-fi or pocket wi-fi is a small palm-size portable device that works as your personal hotspot. All wi-fi enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops are able to get online via a mobile wi-fi.

Our mobile wi-fi comes with a charging cable and an AC adapter. The estimate battery life of each device are 5 to 10 hours depending on the model and the usage. If you are going to be out all day, bringing along a portable charger/power bank may give you peace of mind. (Rent Portable Charger together!)

It is very easy to use. Let's say you want to get your smartphone online using a mobile wi-fi.

  1. Turn on the mobile wi-fi device.
  2. Go to "wi-fi" on your smartphone, and choose the SSID (the network name) of your mobile wi-fi.
  3. You are asked to enter the password, so enter that.
  4. Your phone is online!

*The SSID and the password of your device will be enclosed in the package.

Mobile Wi-fi

Fast, Anywhere*1, Unlimited

For heavy users who will be mainly in cities.

Anywhere*2, Unlimited

For light users who will be in all parts of Japan.
NameHigh Speed & UNLIMITED DATA USAGEStandard Speed
High speed data amountSpeed is limited during the peak hours(roughly between 6pm-2am) the next day once 10GB is used over the three most recent days.220MB on the 1st day of your rental, 110MB/day from the 2nd day.
Approx. speed when slowed down1 Mbps200kbps
CoverageGood in cities but not in suburbs.Good in all parts of Japan.
Dimensions106×63.8×8.4 mm (HxWxD)70.5x70.5x16.6 mm (HxWxD)
Weight80g 117g
Data transfer ratesMax. download 220Mbps / Max. upload 40MbpsMax. download 150 Mbps / Max. upload 50 Mbps
Wireless LAN simultaneous
device connection capability
11 devices10 devices
Continuous usage time7 hours*39 hours*3
Continuous standby time1000 hours340 hours
5 days Order
¥3650 (¥730 / day)
¥2750 (¥550 / day)
7 days Order
¥4480 (¥640 / day)
¥3150 (¥450 / day)
10 days Order
¥5800 (¥580 / day)
¥3800 (¥380 / day)
14 days Order
¥6720 (¥480 / day)
¥4200 (¥300 / day)
21 days Order
¥9240 (¥440 / day)
¥5250 (¥250 / day)
30 days Order
¥11100 (¥370 / day)
¥6000 (¥200 / day)
40 days Order
¥12800 (¥320 / day)
¥7800 (¥195 / day)
60 days Order
¥17100 (¥285 / day)
¥10000 (¥167 / day)
90 days Order
¥24300 (¥270 / day)
¥13500 (¥150 / day)

*1. The signal may be weak or out of service in weak signal area (in the car, underground, in the tunnel, narrow rows of buildings, mountain-ringed region, etc) even within the service coverage area.

*2. The coverage area of the network used for this plan is the largest among all Japanese telecom companies.

*3. The advertised battery life specifications are estimated times only and will vary depending on usage. To make the battery last longer,

Portable Charger

Rent a Portable Charger Together!

Rent our 3200mAh Portable Charger together with our wi-fi device / SIM card. You can charge all USB-charged devices like mobile wi-fi, smart phone and digital camera with the portable charger!

I don't know if I should get Standard Speed or High-Speed package.
If you are going to visit different prefectures in Japan including Hokkaido, Kyushu, Okinawa, and also suburbs like Koyasan, Shirakawago, Hakuba, and etc., Standard Speed device is recommended since their network is the best in terms of coverage. However, please note that it is designed for light use; if you watch movies or download and upload big files, you will use up the daily high-speed quota(110MB) easily. If you want to use a lot of data and you will be in the urban area most of the time, High-Speed device will be handy.

Is it really unlimited?
Yes, our service allows you to have unlimited access to the Internet. However, the speed will be slow once a certain amount of data is used. For Standard Speed Wi-Fi, that is when 110MB is used per calendar day, which is reset every midnight. For High-Speed Wi-Fi, that is when 10GB is used within the most recent 3 days. The speed will be limited to 1Mbps during the peak hours (roughly between 6pm-2am) the next day.

What can I do with 110MB a day? (Standard Speed Wi-fi)
You can do all of these within 110MB data. (Estimate)
- Surf the web:100 web pages
- Message app (LINE, Whatsapp, etc): 100 messages
- Stream Youtube: 30 minutes
- Email: 20 messages
- Facebook: View 100 updates on the news feed

Check how to save data on GetAroundJapan: How to Save Data on Smartphone While Traveling

None of the packages suit the period I need.
Please pick one from the packages that are available. If none of the packages suit the period you need, you can either extend the rental later or simply get a longer package and return it a little early. For example, if you need it for 8 days, you can buy 7 days package now and extend 1 day later, or buy 10 days package. Tips: Depending on the period you need, it could be cheaper to get a longer package. For example,if you need it for 9 days, it is cheaper to get the 10 days package rather than buying 7 days package and extending 2 days. Please check the prices and pick the best option for you. Check the extension rate from the following page: Extend Rental Period

For more FAQ and answers to them please check the following page: FAQ.

You can extend your rental period easily from your My Page, anytime until the return date.
Extension packages will be available for purchase on your My Page once the package is sent out.

Check the rate from the following page: Extend Rental Period


Just in case the wi-fi device didn't work well in your location, we offer an option to return the item for a refund. Please contact us and post back the items within 2 days from the start date if you wish to get a refund. *Express shipping fee is non-refundable.


We issue a full refund when an order is cancelled before 5 days or more prior to the start date. There are some charges for the cancellation made later than that. The balance will be paid back to you.

For more details about Refund and Cancellation, please read the following page. Refund and Cancellation


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* Once the payment is completed, a confirmation email of your order payment will be sent.
* Once your package is sent out, a delivery information email with the tracking number of the package will be sent.
* A reminder email will be sent few days before the return date.

Choose the best way for you from the options below.

Please read the following page carefully for the details. How to Receive the Rental Items

Post Offices at the Airports: Location and Opening hours

Narita Airport Terminal 1 8:30 - 20:00 Everyday 4F: Departure LobbyMAP
Narita Airport Terminal 2 8:30 - 20:00 Everyday 3F: Departure LobbyMAP
Kansai(KIX) Airport 9:00 - 17:00 Everyday Terminal 1, 2F SouthMAP
Chubu(Centrair) Airport 9:00 - 17:00 Weekdays Only 1FMAP
New Chitose (Hokkaido) Airport 9:00 - 17:00 Everyday 2F: Arrival LobbyMAP
Haneda Airport(Domestic) 9:00 - 17:00 Weekdays Only Terminal 1, 1F (Domestic)MAP

*Please make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to collect the package. We recommend you choose this option only if your flight is scheduled to arrive early enough before the closing time of the post office, in case the flight delays.
*This service is currently available only at the airports listed above.
*Please make sure you enter your PASSPORT NAME as the recipient of the package. You will need to present your passport to collect the package at the airport post office. When the name is different, they will not release the package.

  1. Put the items in the prepaid return envelope we provide. You don't need to buy stamps.
  2. Drop the envelope into the red mailbox anywhere in Japan by the midnight the return date.

Our service is rental. All items including SIM cards need to be posted back on the last day of your rental.

Late charges will be applied if you do not post the return envelope on the return date. We will check the postmark on the envelope as well as the data usage history.

You may be able to find the red mailbox on streets and in the airports.
*At the airports, there are no mailboxes after you pass the security check. Please make sure you post it before you proceed to the security check.
*In some terminals in the airports, there may be no mailbox. Please check the official website of the airport terminal you are going to use.

Please read the following page carefully for the details. How to Return the Rental Items

540 JPY