Things You Need to Know When Renting a Pocket Wi-Fi for Your Okinawa Trip!

When planning a trip to Okinawa, Japan, maintaining a good internet connection is crucial. Perhaps you need to be able to update your social media content, answer questions from followers, or stay in touch with family and friends while on the go. A pocket Wi-Fi can provide you with constant access to the internet and navigation services, making it easier to explore this beautiful destination at your own pace.

Recommended Internet Providers in Japan

If you have some deeper understanding of Japan, you'll know that there are three major telecommunications providers: docomo, KDDI/AU, and SOFTBANK.

In large cities like Tokyo and Osaka, the differences between the three networks are minimal. However, if your travel destination includes mountainous areas, islands, beaches, or forests, it's more recommended to choose pocket Wi-Fis or SIM cards with docomo network. This is because docomo has the widest coverage in Japan, ensuring better signal reception no matter where you are.

Therefore, if you're traveling to Okinawa, opting for a Pocket Wi-Fi with docomo network may result in a better internet experience.

Sending Pocket Wi-Fi to Okinawa

It is highly recommended to pre-book a pocket Wi-Fi online in advance.

After making a reservation domestically, the Wi-Fi rental company in Japan will send the pocket Wi-Fi device to a specified location, such as the post office at Naha International Airport, or the hotel or Airbnb where the traveler will stay in Okinawa. Upon arrival in Okinawa, travelers can pick up the pocket Wi-Fi directly and start using it conveniently.

If purchased on-site at the airport, the price of pocket Wi-Fi devices may be more expensive than those booked online, as Wi-Fi companies also need to pay fees for the airport facilities.

It's important to note that Okinawa is quite far from the four main islands of Japan. Therefore, it takes longer to send a pocket Wi-Fi device to Okinawa. It's generally recommended for travelers to book a pocket Wi-Fi to be sent to Okinawa at least one week in advance to ensure timely receipt and avoid being left without internet access.

Traveling to Okinawa? Consider Renting a Pocket Wi-Fi from CDJapan Rental

Compared to other options, pocket Wi-Fi devices specifically for Okinawa tend to be slightly more expensive, typically around a 25% increase compared to those usable elsewhere in Japan. However, with CDJapan Rental's pocket Wi-Fi devices, whether used in Okinawa or popular areas like Tokyo, Osaka, or Hokkaido on the mainland, the pricing remains consistent. Plus, by utilizing Japan's widely-covered docomo network and the popular SOFTBANK network preferred by many, seamless internet connectivity is ensured even on smaller islands or coastal areas in Okinawa.

Reservation is straightforward. Simply click here to visit the pocket Wi-Fi rental page, select the preferred pocket Wi-Fi model based on your usual internet usage, choose the start date and duration of use, complete the payment online using a credit card, fill in the shipping address and recipient's name, and patiently await pickup in Japan!

Currently, the most popular option is the SOFTBANK model with 100GB of monthly data.
If you're not a heavy internet user or don't plan on streaming high-definition videos throughout your trip, 100GB should suffice for all your internet needs during travel.
SOFTBANK: 100GB/month

For heavy internet users or those requiring video conferencing, who are concerned about potential data limitations, the Cloud-Air packages with higher data allowances are highly recommended.
Cloud-Air: 200GB/month Cloud-Air: 150GB/month

You can also check out this article to determine your data needs:
How Much Data Do You Need For Traveling in Japan?

Once you receive the device, there's no need to worry if you don't speak Japanese. Simply press a button to power on and off. The pocket Wi-Fi's name (SSID) and password are located on the back of the device.
Your phone will automatically detect the Wi-Fi network. Open your phone's Wi-Fi list, find the matching SSID, enter the password, and you're ready to go, without any complex configurations. It will automatically connect in the future without needing to re-enter the password.

Additionally, CDJapan Rental offers English customer service support to address any issues encountered during the use of the pocket Wi-Fi device.
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At CDJapan Rental, we offer high school students visiting Japan options like Prepaid SIM cards and eSIMs with large data capacities and fast communication capabilities. Additionally, we provide Pocket Wi-Fi for short to long-term rentals. Many people from different countries have used our services and left numerous positive reviews. Feel free to give it a try when you visit Japan!

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